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Inclusive Care Packages

At Darmax Inc. we know the value of regular and preventive maintenance of your building envelope just as much as we know the value of having a predictable budget. Together we'll build an Inclusive Care Package to keep those costs in check and provide only the services you require most, such as: 

  • Regular inspection of buildings and other structures on site to determine functional systems, detect malfunctions and identify required repairs. 
  • Regular maintenance of exterior & common space lighting as well as timer or sensor monitoring
  • Pothole repair (ongoing)
  • Winter Preparation - eaves and drain clearing, heating cable & hose bib preparation, and ensuring the heat is on in mechanical rooms
  • Spring grounds cleanup of winter debris
  • Minor roof repair, caulking etc. (ongoing)
  • Winter inspections for heat in mechanical rooms (at least monthly but increased in extreme weather).
  • Changing locks when required
  • Maintaining signage
  • Attending site calls for trade access, city inspectors, and potential tenants
  • Automatic removal of items dumped on site

​Serving Guelph, Kitchener, Waterloo, ​
and surrounding areas.